The last day in December, 2016…the perfect time to be reminded of the conversation between Mufasa, The Lion King, and his young son, Simba, who eventually fill’s his father’s shoes.

But there are many lessons before that day comes…and much sorrow and pain from which to learn along the way.

Mufasa: Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.

Young Simba: But, Dad, don’t we eat the antelope?

Mufasa: Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.

Young Simba: Everything the light touches… But what about that shadowy place?

Mufasa: That’s beyond our borders. You must never go there, Simba.

Young Simba: But I thought a king can do whatever he wants.

Mufasa: There’s more to being a king than getting your way all the time.

Young Simba: There’s more?

Mufasa: [laughing] Simba.