I love the intimacy of these gatherings. The appreciation dancers have for one another’s techniques, styles, steps. And of course the dresses and the shoes and the men’s suits. There is something that happens when partners dress up for one another. It’s respectful.

In the end, for me, it is all about the intimacy of this particular dance, the connection with a partner that doesn’t let up for a second. While there are basic steps (the Boleo, the Sacada, front and back Ochos, the Grapevine, Planeos, leg wraps, sandwiches…Yes, Sandwiches!) it is highly improvisational.

And that kind of improv comes with trust, and requires risk tasking and feeling your way through it and of course skill.

But then it aways comes back to the intimacy. 

It’s Sunday morning.

Which is all about listening to music and watching dance videos, something that wasn’t available when I was six and learning to dance.

The beautiful Argentine Tango.


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