The Argentine Tango. My favorite dance to do. My favorite dance to watch. Here it is performed on Dancing with the Stars, by Noah Galloway, an Army veteran who lost his left arm and leg when a mine took out the vehicle he was driving. 

Dance is many things in addition to being a physical art. It is a language dancers speak not just through the use of their bodies, but through the expression of an interior dialogue accompanied often, but not always, by music, and accompanied, not always, but sometimes, by a partner. Sharna Burgess is Noah’s partner in this Tango.

Dance, above all, is a conversation, and there are few more intimate dance conversations than the one known as the Argentine Tango.

But dance is also a profound form of therapy, as any dancer will tell you. In this case, it is therapy not just for Noah, who prior to his injuries had been an athlete, but for those fortunate to watch this new way in which he has learned to express himself physically.

Dance therapy for injured veterans. Dance is therapy for the audience.

Perhaps we are all 1,000 miles from comfort. But some are even farther than away than that.


Here is a longer video about Noah that comes from Huff Post, which was too long to post here, but explains his injuries and does a Contemporary Dance with Sharna in which he is (ahem…) a wee tad more exposed:

And here is another interview with Noah on ABC:

You can read All about Noah Galloway on his personal website at:

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