This beautiful woman is Eileen Kramer. She is a choreographer and dancer. She is also 100 years old.

I hope the beauty of her movements, the expressiveness of her hands, her arms…her body…are as inspiring to the Women of Google+ as they are to me.

When I think about my own goals as I get older, it is to remain in touch with my own creativity, to nourish my love for the arts, to take care of myself by tending to the health of my body and spirit and mind and soul…and to be able to move and express myself at 100 as elegantly and soulfully as Eileen Kramer.

I have always loved the way fresh cut flowers look in vases, particularly tulips, when they start to droop over the edges, reaching their petals (their arms) out, as if to prevent themselves from falling…or to catch themselves when they do. 

Eileen Kramer’s arm movements remind me of that, and, in the same way that within the wilting petals of a tulip you can still see the young bloom, within Ms. Kramer’s 100 year old spirit and body, you can easily see her as a young girl.

She reminds me of Elizabeth Waters, my first dance teacher when I was six. Elizabeth had silver hair down her back. I was mesmerized. I have always thought women get more beautiful as they age.

From chilly New York City, where the huge snowflakes falling outside my bedroom window…are dancing sideways…

Nephilim’s Lament, with Lacey Cole (TEDTalk):

Eileen Kramer and her iPod, a 100th Birthday gift:

Eileen Kramer and the Arts Health Institute:

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