‘Twould appear this Sunday morning that March is wrestling with whether to remain a Lion, or to become a Lamb. Perhaps there is a little Lamb in the Lion, and a bit of Lion in the Lamb? Storm within calm? Calm within storm?

Public within private, private within public. The visible within the invisible. The invisible within the visible. Silence within sound. Sound within silence. The known within the unknown. The unknown within the known.

These past few years on G+ in which HangOuts have become “the thing,” I’m all too aware that I am not good at hanging out. If someone were to call me up and ask me if I wanted to hang out, chances are I’d say I have something else to do.

But ask me to go for a walk in a botanical garden? Yes! Ask me to join you for a long chat over dinner? Yes! Ask me to be your safety pilot? Yes! Ask me to join you at the ballet? Yes! I will do most anything to get to know someone with whom I feel a connection – except a video hangout. All those years as an actor, when what I looked like – my “type,” my “age,” my “casting potential,” wearied me of the physical word when it comes to communicating, and beckoned me back to the world of words and music and art, and sound…and voices.

I love voices…people’s voices, the voices of birds, animals, the voices of nature – the wind and the sea. If we listen carefully to them, we can hear within those voices so much that we would miss if we just used our eyes.

In instrument flight training, you spend a lot of time under a hood or foggles, so that you cannot see the horizon, the sky, the ground. You have no sense of where you really are. You can only see the instrument panel and have to train yourself to scan quickly…to listen carefully. Take sight away and another sensory world opens up for exploration.

James Barraford and Randy Resnick invited me to “sit down for a chat” with them on their PodCast show called Leave the Bottle. I wanted to do it as audio…because I like the sound of human voices.

On Friday morning, long before the sun came up (6:45), I sat down and talked with these two men, both of whom I’ve known for a long time on G+. They always seem to show up when I post something socially or politically provocative. We’ve been sharing words online for a while now, so it seemed time to listen to one another’s voices.

The material within the mystery. The mystery within the material…

Because behind every face, there is a voice that is, IMHO, far more important than the face.

P.P.S. The article about the “older brain” about which I speak in the PodCast is titled The Older Mind May Just Be A Fuller Mind, from the New York Times:


The book by Dr. Mark Epstein to which I refer is called *Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart.” His prior book, which is how I came to know about him, is titled: *Thoughts Without a Thinker.” His most recent books is “The Trauma of Every Day LIfe” I recommend his books to everyone. His website is: http://markepsteinmd.com/

The transgendered artist couple, Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker, to whose exhibition exploring the realm of “relationsihps” that I refer, can be read about here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/13/fashion/the-growing-transgender-presence-in-pop-culture.html?hpw&rref=fashion

A taste of Mali Music, to which I refer, can be heard on YouTube here: Mali Music – Beautiful. The official web site is http://www.malimusicofficial.com/

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Originally shared by James Barraford

We all know Giselle Minoli is brilliant within G+ threads. Now you can listen to Giselle as she joined myself and  Randy Resnick this morning discussing gender issues on the latest podcast of Leave the Bottle .

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