This ice dance between Meryl Davis and Charlie White is sublime. The artistry, the skill, the music, the relationship between them, the choreography…all of it perfection.

On the surface it seems the culmination of years of working toward a common goal, yet that journey is also one of discovery…each dancer growing and learning about the other, each breaking down personal barriers, pushing themselves, maturing individually and together, and creating, in the end, something of extraordinary beauty.

Yes, Meryl David and Charlie White won the Gold medal in Sochi for ice dancing. But…what they have really given us extends way beyond the Olympics and competing for a medal. If we were all given the opportunity to aspire to the creation of something this beautiful in our lives (whether we have the ability to become Olympic champions or not…it is the intent that matters), how would it change the world? 

Would it be more peaceful? Would human relationships be better? Would we be more protective and preservative? More appreciative?

I have always believed that every child should learn to dance with a partner. It teaches you things about yourself…and about another person that applies to every day life…and makes it better, more soulful, Yes, dancing makes life more beautiful.

For me personally it is impossible to watch this video and not contemplate the impact what we create in our lives – no matter how subtle or small or seemingly insignificant – can have on the world.