It’s Sunday, and I’m inspired by the work of other artists.  And today it’s the witty, sweet and whacky William Wegman, who has made an entire career out of taking pictures of his dogs.  It all started with one named Man Ray, the first of the hilarious Weimaraners that, when photographed by Wegman, are charmingly, disconcertingly and almost, bizarrely and believably human in the scope of their emotions.

It’s not often we have an opportunity to take such a peek into the private creative life of a working artist and see the where they work, how they work, get a glimpse into the germ of an idea that takes them off into something unexpected.  Is it a place? As in Webman’s cabin in the woods?  What is that moment when, paying attention to…what? in particular, that an artist sees something, thinks something, and is inspired?

But to see, to think, to be inspired takes time. To sit.  To walk.  To think.  To create.  It all takes time.  The evolution of anything takes time.  Scores of photographers take pictures of dogs.  But none, in my view, like Wegman.  But it evolves from there into his Postcard paintings/collages.  Take a look and see for yourself.