About Me

Contrary to traditional wisdom, in my life I’ve pursued four very different lines of creative work, which have intertwined and overlapped like the tributaries of a river. Almost fresh out of college I became a young executive at CBS Records in New York, which led to an opportunity to explore the craft of acting and theatre directing, which in turn opened an unexpected door to becoming a fine jewelry designer, all of which abilities have rather neatly blended in my work in the world of fine art at Christie’s.

Created at a time when the Internet was very much about commerce and the consumption of tangible things, this website was designed primarily to feature my work as a jewelry designer. But times change and people change with it… if they believe in change… and now all of the creative and artistic things that interest me have finally coalesced in this new web portal, which focuses purely on writing… for me the very opposite of the creation of tangible things.

I still design jewelry, but only by commission. I still work in the fine art business in New York. I still need to be surrounded and inspired by beautiful art.

But over the years my life has gradually morphed into a dynamic expression of expansion and movement, expressed first by spending time with my husband in mid-Central Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River, then building a house in a lovely town in Virginia graced by the Seven Bends of the Shenandoah River, and now moving with him to Louisville, Kentucky, where we are nestled alongside the Ohio River.

Clearly there is a decided visceral, metabolic and almost magnetic pull to rivers and valleys. Perhaps it has something to do with my father’s ancestors’ cultivated land in Soragna, Italy in the Po River Valley. Perhaps it has something to do with my father and mother building the home in which I was raised in the Rio Grande River Valley in New Mexico. Perhaps it has something to do with my love for flying, which is more easily done far away from the architectural and cultural preserve of New York, where I spent many happy years.

For reasons that I can only think of as karmic, I find myself going back and forth between New York and the charming Horse Capital of the World, where I can fly, ballroom dance and write.

Moving my feet across the floor, in tandem with my partner’s, in sync with the music, landing on the boards to the beat.

Moving through the sky, feeling like a bird, pushed and pulled by the wind, landing on the tarmac to the beat.

Moving words across the page, living wherever life takes me.