I do not understand one single thing about this convicted murderer’s execution in Ohio today.

Not the 20 years of failed appeals.

Not the decision to reject a more humane execution (is there such a thing?).

Not the decision to employ a combination of drugs that assured a miserable demise (is there someone who feels good about this?)

Not any and/or all of the subsequent five executions that will be meted out in the State of Ohio in 2014.

Does someone believe that, lying there on his death bed gasping for air, his crime of so long ago was somehow ameliorated? Lessened? Revenged? Assuaged?

That he has been successfully punished? That the public manner of his death stands as a warning to others thinking of committing such crimes?

That it changes the fate of the young woman…or her memory? Or really makes those who knew her and miss her sleep more soundly?

Or are we stained anew, with a fresh river of crimes and denial, such as the unjust taking of one life justifies the necessary taking of another?

How do those who create drug concoctions used for execution sleep?

Is the Judge who denied the appeals sleeping soundly tonight? The technicians who witnessed McGuire’s demise? Those who dragged his corpse out in a body bag?

And those who bury him, is it as simple as slap, slap, wash my hands, tomorrow is another day, another death, another burial?

I have a cascade of questions.

None of them good.

None of them pleasant.

But I also have a statement: This case illustrates why I am against capital punishment.

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