I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan – and never, ever let you forget you’re a man, ’cause I’m a woman. W. O. M. A. N.

Why is everyone afraid to say why Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s well-paid CEO, is building a nursery near her office for her own young child, while simultaneously undoing work-at-home arrangements for other Yahoo parents? She’s doing it because if she cannot manage to pull Yahoo out of the dumpster during her tenure as CEO (average CEO shelf life is around 3 years), then it will be said of her that she failed because she was a woman with a young child and she was distracted from her job. So she’s committing the sin of pretending she’s not really a Mom, that it’s not really difficult to have children, be a mother and work too. The problem is that her solution only works if you’re CEO and have a lot of money to buy your way out of the mess.

The elephant in the middle of the room, however, is that whole bacon-frying pan ditty thing to begin with. Has everyone forgotten it was a commercial!?

Last week we had Sheryl Sandberg telling women to Lean In to the table and not to leave their careers before they leave, and now we have Marissa Mayer in such denial about how difficult it is in fact for women to  put in 10-14 hour days if they don’t have flex time and can’t afford really good childcare. The solution is, what? Don’t get married? Don’t have children? Don’t have a life?

Marissa Mayer has two choices: She can be afraid, or she can visionary. Which is it going to be? I think the fallout from this is going to be huge – bad for Mayer and bad for Yahoo.

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