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Last evening Colin Lucas-Mudd, whom I’ve had the distinct pleasure of slowly getting to know this past year, created the attached post, entitled Gargoyles to Roast Todd Akin–Ladies Take Note, Men Take Care, inspired by my having placed two charming Gargoyles (which Colin and his wife Donna Lucas-Mudd  named Gregorio and Pandora Giovanna) in my garden to protect our house while it is being restored from a water catastrophe.

Colin, whose decades of involvement in various métiers – company CEO, business advisor, start up entrepreneur, philanthropic capitalist, author, journalist, father, husband, optimistic cynic and humorist, in addition to having lived on both sides of the Pond – leads him to produce G+ commentary that is thoughtful, undeniably and distinctly opinionated, yet always balanced, detailed, well-mannered, witty (and rarely cynical), is also a wonderful poet.

In two separate incidents of mad, inspired and quite voluntarily wordsmithing, Colin penned an Ode to Gregorio and Pandora’s Prayer, which are about the various elegiac subject matters of love, devotion, friendship, conversation, home, hearth…and, of course, Gargoyles.  While Colin’s compositions might indeed seem to have been so effortless and lighthearted, which is his gift, their origin is in fact rooted (no garden metaphor intended) in the threats Pandora feels are nipping away, not only at the Hydrangeas she and Gregorio love so much to sit among, but at the very sense of security, safety and peace I’ve charged her and her companion to establish around our house until we can move back in.

When I posted Pandora’s picture, I explained her slightly grumpy visage and obviously apprehensive mood as due to her concern over current political, social and cultural issues seemingly drawn more and more along gender lines rather than merely party lines (Pandora does read the papers you know), and how it is becoming more and more difficult for women and Goyles to protect hearth and home for those they love.  

Indeed Pandora seems keenly in tune with how beleaguered women feel, for while I was placing her here and there, trying to find the exact right spot for her on the Front Porch, within earshot of Gregorio, she rather matter-of-factly blurted out, “Is everyone hibernating?  Isn’t anyone paying attention to the plethora of articles recently about human women’s concerns about the economy, healthcare, education, employment opportunities and wages?  And why does this Romney/Ryan duo seem to dislike women so much?  What is up with that?  And what’s all this nonsense about making it so difficult for women to be healthy and successful, and make decisions for themselves?  And why aren’t there more women at the top?  I don’t understand why their advancement has taken so long.  After all, they’ve been around as long as men have.  What ever is going on?  And who is this human Akin?  Is he for real?  Didn’t his mother and father teach him how to properly behave?  Really…is he for real?”

Gregorio, listening attentively, stirred beneath his Oak Leaf Hydrangea plant, and when Pandora was comfortable in her new spot responded with a heavy sigh, “Yes, Pandora, I’m afraid he is.  He is unenlightened and does not understand the negativity of his words.  Males and females of the human kind must indeed learn to respect, listen to and nurture one another.  There is no other way.”

Pandora looked at him and said, “Gregorio, let’s start a Renaissance, for surely this division among the sexes cannot continue if there is to be peace, love and harmony.”  Gregorio nodded vigorously, “Yes, let’s.  We will teach them that there is no such thing as peace and prosperity without balance and gender equality.”  Thus was born the Grand Alliance Renaissance-Goyles.

It would be all too easy for Colin to shy away from writing such Odes and suggesting the creation of such a progressive movement such as The Alliance, lest anyone (male or female) think such a campaign represented some sort of feminist cri (Heaven forbid!).  

And it would be all too easy for me to shy away from pointing out the plethora of articles to which Pandora referred in her concerned blurt-age, out of fear that some people might rush forward and quickly declare there isn’t any need for such a thing as gender equality because there is no discrimination to begin with.

But shying away from controversial Odes is not in Colin’s nature, nor is it in mine to back away from the many posts I have made in the past several months about these all too important issues, posts in which, I’m happy to report, men have participated in the discussion as much as women.  

Some of you might be inclined to note, ‘Well, why shouldn’t they, these issues affect men and women equally.’  Well, yes they should affect them equally, but, unfortunately, they don’t in reality.  Thus the necessity for Goyles of the World Unite – a Call to Action, and +Colin Lucas-Mudd’s post, which I reshare with you tonight.

I’m also quite happy to report that I’m not the only woman asking what is going on I our political and cultural climate.  Many men are as well, one of them being Greg Hampikian, who wrote an article for the Times on August 24th, entitled Men, Who Needs Them?, which I had missed but Colin thankfully caught:

Therefore I offer up Pandora’s Essential Nighttime Grand Alliance Renaissance Reading:

For Women, It’s Not Just About the Economy  by Luisita Lopez Torregrosa

Strong Opinions on the 2012 Election: What’s a Republican Feminist to Do, by Jamie Stiehm

In Google’s Inner Circle, a Falling Number of Women, by Claire Cain Miller

I do hope that, no matter your political affiliation or your gender, you will join the Alliance in promoting equality and respect among the sexes, and promote a thorough rejection of persons such as Akin as representative of the best interests of either men or women.

At the very least, as always, I welcome your thoughts, opinions and comments, either here or on Colin’s original post, which can be found here:

Thank you GarGoyles and GarGuys, one and all.

Have a lovely, safe, secure and peaceful evening.


Originally shared by Colin Lucas-Mudd

Gargoyles to Roast Todd Akin—Ladies Take Note, Men Take Care

First of all I must thank Giselle Minoli for the inspiration to write this post. More accurately, I must thank the ancient species that has decided to requisition Giselle’s garden as the HQ for their movement to restore balance. Balance between Left and Right. Equality between humanity’s genders. The Grand Alliance Renaissance-Goyles is a movement of which we should all take note.

Now as many should know, the Gargoyle is a hermaphroditic species—just look at the flying buttresses where, until the race decided to grace Giselle’s garden, the majority were to be found. Gender is of no importance to the Gargoyle—the race understands the meaning of equality. They merge the characteristics that divide humanity. On the female side—this would be the [Jersey accent] Goyle, they protect with a ferocity only equalled by a mother lion ensuring the survival of her pride—and joy. On the male side, they hang out of in bastions of male dominance—the church and, in times past, the banks and edifices that epitomized control and power. As such, possessing both qualities in equal proportions, they provided balance.

However, over the millennia they have watched. They have listened. Now, as they see that Goyles have equal power in social fora they have decided that the time is right to act. Witnessing the increasing voice of Goyles and their continued subjugation in too many cultures—national, race, financial, business, and the church—they have decided to empower the human Goyles.

As Gargoyles have discovered, social media increasingly drives small business. Small business, in turn, is increasingly managed and succeeds through the efforts of Goyles. There’s a message here. Given that the economy remains our number one priority, and the base of much power, the balance is shifting—quickly. 

The manifesto is still in the committee stage. The verse, with all due credit to Lewis Carroll, is complete. Ladies, please read—chaps too—we’re a Symbiotic team. Todd Akin supporters, don’t bother. Please just go and hang out with the Trolls—in the sun.   

Goyles of the World Unite—A Call to Action

The time has come, the Gargoyles said,

To speak of many things, to speak of rights,

Of justice, peace,

Not cabbages and kings.

To fight for concepts in which we believe,

And where we ‘Goyles’ know best,

To understand equality,

And educate the rest.

‘The rest’ you say—I hear you ask,

That’s the other half my dear,

The male of the species,

Those Akin believes we fear.

For here we ‘Goyles’ are not alone,

Although ‘twould not appear,

Just look at voting patterns—at polls,

You’ll see the time is near.

The time is nigh, the time is right,

The tipping point is close,

The time when ‘Goyles’ will rise as one,

And make the male toast.

OK that’s tough, a bit too far,

That’s more than generalized,

It’s not the gender that’s at fault,

The media takes that prize.

A Grand Alliance, that’s what we need,

A pact of left and right,

A Centrist approach to bridge the gap,

And make the future bright.

A brighter future for us all,

Both sides of the divide,

Male, female, left and right,

In which we all take pride.

And so the plan, what’s it to be?

The plan that sets us free,

Consensus management, common sense,

Here ‘Goyles’ hold the key.

So dear reader, to step one,

To the first foot on the path,

Taking action, fighting back,

To neutralize the wrath.

The wrath, you see, and ‘tis the key,

It’s the power that’s so wrong,

Is spawned by Trolls—males most,

Who’ve repressed the ‘Goyles’ too long.

So beware you Trolls, you males most,

The reckoning’s long been past,

‘Though testosterone has it’s place,

Its power is fading fast.

Unlike the Oysters in Carroll’s rhyme,

Take care in whom you bite,

The female of the species,

Is equal to the fight.

Endnotes & References

During the Second World War, The Grand Alliance, otherwise known as the Strange Alliance, brought together the world’s most powerful Capitalist state, the leading Communist state, and the (then), most powerful, but declining, Colonial power. Essentially it was an alliance of necessity, created to address Nazi Germany’s uncontrolled power grab. It worked.

For those who are unfamiliar with Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There where the oysters, the Walrus, and the Carpenter are to be found, the full verse may be found here: On the topic of links, Giselle’s original post may be found here:

Anyone unfamiliar with the need to roast Todd Akin, and those who would seek to justify his position, may care to read this piece from the Huffington Post: